New Oyster Platter

Many months ago I started to sculpt a large slab of recycled clay for an oyster platter. It sat on a bin, covered in plastic, repeatedly getting sprayed with water, recovered, and stashed back under the table. Almost completely forgotten, unless I needed something in the bin.  I had practically  given up on finishing this project, until one day I went to my studio and only had a couple of hours to work, so I decided to see if I could carve this lump of clay, or decide that it was too far past it’s expiration date. Surprisingly, it was a little stiff, but ok to work on, and...

done. I sprinkled it with a little cornstarch (a trick I leaned at a workshop with Deb Schwarzkopf)

Threw a slab, made a template

Put the clay into my new mold and covered it up for a couple of days. I am happy with the results after bisque firing and glazing

But realize that I may need to reduce the amount of glaze on the underside on the next one😉(even though the drips look kinda cool)