About Cove Lane Pottery

At my house on the cape, I create my hand-built stoneware in an intimate home pottery studio where I can enjoy myself and do my best work. From this location, I take the things and ideas that inspire me and channel them into works of art that customers can proudly display. Whether you're looking for a centerpiece to show off at a family gathering or something that adds a little creative spark to your space, I strive to deliver creations you'll fall in love with.

My Process

When I first started working with clay, I worked strictly on the wheel. I still love the classic process of molding and shaping simple pieces like mugs and platters, but as I progressed in learning about pottery, I took an interest in pottery slabs. From a simple slab base, I make decorative pottery in the shape of fish, pinecones, dinnerware, and am constantly working to create new functional and beautiful pieces to share with the world.


My Shop

Last summer after years of discussion, I decided to take the leap and open my own shop and studio. Located at 1 Scraggy Neck Extension in Cataumet, MA on Cape Cod, I do all of my wheel throwing and hand-building in my shop which has a retail storefront as well. If you're in the area, come on by to see the products featured in my catalog and many more unique pieces!